History of Faculties and Programs


The rapid growth of technology and intercollege competition as a former of higher education, so in effort to meet the demands of community as graduates user, as concern of the demands, University of Singaperbangsa Karawang under the coordination of Yayasan Pembina Perguruan Tinggi Pangkal Perjuangan opened several new programs, with commitments to improve the science and technology in every discipline, to produce professional graduates in their fields.

Since the establishment of University of Singaperbangsa Karawang on 2nd February 1982, the market demands of appropriate disciplines continues growth. On 1986, in colaboration with Ministry of Religion Affairs, UNSIKA established Faculty of Tarbiyah, Islamic Education Department. On 29th Augs 1991, Faculty of Tarbiyah got ”Registered” Status from Minister of Religion Affairs by Decree No. 215/1991. In the same year (1986), Faculty of Agrotechnology open Animal Husbandry Department and got ”registered” status on 21st Jun 1989 from Minister of Education and Culture No. 0389/0/1989.

On 11thAugs 1992 Faculty of Law obtained the increase of status from ”registered” to ”recognized” with the Decree No. 062/DIKTI/Kep/1992. On 23th Nov 1993, Faculty of Economic Dept of Management and Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Science Dept Informal Education obtained ”recognized” by Decree No. 616/DIKTI/Kep/1993.

On 1994, Faculty of Economic open D-3 Accounting Program with registered decree no. 265/DIKTI/Kep/1994. On 1995, UNSIKA established Faculty of Engineering, and Department of Industrial Engineering by Decree No. 36/DIKTI/Kep/1996 and on 1996 opened Program D-3 Mechanical Engineering based on Decree No. 33/DIKTI/Kep/1997, both the status are ”registered”. Next on 1999, D-3 Management of Agroindustry opened with status ”registered” by Decree No. 308/DIKTI/Kep/1999.

On 22th Dec 1998, Dept of Management and Dept Civil Laws obtained accreditation from National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) No. 002/BAN-PT/AK-II/XII/1998, Faculty of Islamic Religion Dept Islamic Education obtained accreditation from BAN-PT No. 013.BAN-PT/Ak.IV/VI/2000  and Dept Agronomy accredited by BAN-PT No. 033/BAN-PT/AK/IV/XI/2000.

On 8th March 2002, Dept of Informal Education abtained accreditation status No. 002/BAN-PT/Ak,V/S1/III/2002, then on  4th  April 2002 Dept D-3 Accounting obtained accreditation status No. 002/BAN-PT/AK.I/Dipl.-III/IV/2002, then 5thAugs 2002 DeptIndustrial Engineering obtained accreditation status No. 015/BAN-PT/AK-V/S1/VIII/2002.

Faculty of Islamic Religion opened D2 Program of English and D2 Program of Elementary School Teacher Education by Decree No. 022/Kop/II/S/2003 on 13thOct 2003. On 2008, D2 program was not permitted to opened.

On academic year 2005/2006 D3 Midwifery Program opened and got recommendation from Head of PPSDM Health Ministry  No. HK. andpermit from general directorate of higher education  No. 2967/D/T/2005.

Since 2008, several development done:

  1. Establishment of Faculty of Information Technology
  2. Department of Information Engineering and Department Mechanical Engineering obtained the permit decree No. 2007/D/T/2008 dated 25 Juni 2008.
  3. S2 Master of Management obtained permit decree from General Director of Higher Education No. 3396/D/T/2008 on 21st Augs 2008.
  4. S1 Accounting obtained  obtained permit decree from General Director of Higher Education No. 7678/D/T/2008 on 30th Oct 2008.
  5. Department of Communicational Science obtained obtained permit decree from General Director of Higher Education No.160/D/T/2009 on 9th Feb 2009.
  6. Department of Mathematical Education permitted by General Director of Higher Education No. 9727/D/T/K-IV/2011, 23th Jun 2009.
  7. Department of English Education permitted by General Director of Higher Education No. 9728/D/T/K-IV/2011, 23th Jun 2009.
  8. Department of Health  Physical Education and Recreation permitted by General Director of Higher Education No. 37/D/0/2010 on 25th March 2010.