History of Foundation

University of Singaperbangsa Karawang (UNSIKA) was established by Yayasan Pembina Perguruan Tinggi Pangkal Perjuangan (YPPTPP) who has established on 14th june 1965. YPPTPP initiated by:

  1. LetKol H. Husny Hamid (Regent of Karawang)
  2. LetKol Agustian (Commander of Military District 0604 of Karawang)
  3. Achmad Achir, SH (Chief of State Prosecutor of Karawang), and
  4. Drs. Achmad Hidayat (Kepala Bank Karya Karawang),


Noted on Letter of Establishment by Notary of Purwakarta, RH Ateng Sachri No. 1 on 14 June 1965.

Chairman of YPPTP in that time is an ex-officio position of Regent of Karawang. The other executive boards performed by academicians, society figures, and government.

Based on constitution of No. 22/1999 about Local Otonomy whichis stated that a regent who is head of district may not be included on a foundation, further more, on 22th of May 2001 performed a meeting of foundation to discuss about replacement of Ex-officio of Regent of Karawang to Mayjen TNI (Purn.) H. Tayo Tarmadi, S.Sos.,MM.as Chairman of YPPTP.

On 5th of March 2005, meeting of executive boards of foundation discussed about resignation of executive boards of foundation and appoint new executive boards to: (1). Mayjen TNI (Purn.) H. Tayo Tarmadi, S.Sos.,MM. (2). H. Hasan Asy’ari,SH.,MM. (3). Hj. Ida Rosida Suryana,SH.,MH to perform new boards of foundation and adjusting statutes based on constitution statutory of Republic Indonesia No. 16/2001 about Foundation.

The changing of board of foundation and adjustment of statute, and in order to follow the article no. 71:3 of constitution No.28/2004 about changing of constitutuion No. 16/2001 about Foundation, on 24th Jan 2004, YPPTP proposed to obtain a certificate of incorporation.

On 12thof May 2006 Yayasan Pembina Perguruan Tinggi Pangkal Perjuangan (YPPTP) got new certificate of incorporation No.38 through notary of Bandung DR. Wiranti Ahmadi, SH.