Organization of University

Organization Structure of  University of Singaperbangsa Karawang based on Statuteof Unsika year 2007:

1) Rectorate
  Rectore : Dr. H. Harun Firdaus, Drs., M.Si
  Vice-Cancellor of Academic : H. Sugiarto, Drs., MM
  Vice-Cancellor of Finance, Public and Civil Service : Dadang Danugiri, S.Pd, M.Pd
  Vice-Cancellor of Student, Alumni, and Cooperation : H. Zaenal Arifin AR, Drs., M.PdI
  Chief of Bureau of Academic : Cecep Hermana, SE., MM.
  Chief of Bureau of Public : Bunbun Hasbullah, S.Pd
  Chief of Bureau of Finance : Asep Muslihat, SE., MM.
  Chief of Student, Alumni, and Cooperation : H. Rudy Mochamad Setiadi, SE.
  Chief of Quality Assurance Agency : Uus MD. Fadli, Ir., SE.,MM.
  Chief of LPPM : Kosasih, SE., MM.
2) Faculty and Programs    
  Director of  Pascasarjana : Dr. Eddy Supriyana, MS.
  Faculty of Law    
  Dean : Candra Hayatul Iman, SH., MH.
  Co-Dean : H. Suryana Martha, SH., MH.
  Head of Dept Civil Law : M. Hollyone Singadimeja, SH., MH.
  Faculty of Economy    
  Dean H. Sonny Hersona GW, SE., MM.
  Co-Dean : Eman Sulaeman, SE., MM.
  Head of Dept Management : Rahmat Hasbullah, SE., MM.
  Head of Dept Accounting S1 : Sri Suartini, SE., MM.
  Head of Dept Accounting D3 : H. A Nawawi, SE., MM.
  Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Science
  Dean Dayat Hidayat, S.Pd., M.Pd.
  Co-Dean : Tika Santika, S.Pd., M.Pd.
  Head of Dept Mathematics Ed : Ramlah, S.Pd.
  Head of Dept English Ed : Nia Pujiawati, SS.
  Head of Dept PJKR : Ruslan Abdul Gani, S.Pd., M.Pd.
  Faculty of Agrotechnology    
  Dean Sulistiyo Sidik Purnomo, M.Si
  Co-Dean : Yudhi Mahmud, Ir., MP.
  Head of Dept Agrotechnology : Yayu Sri Rahayu, SP, M.P
  Faculty of Islamic Religion    
  Dean H. Amirudin, Drs., M.Pd.I.
  Co-Dean : H. Tajudin Nur, Drs., M.Pd.I.
  Head of Islamic Religion Ed : Iwan Hermawan, Drs., M.Pd.I
  Faculty of Engineering    
  Dean Ade Momon Subagio, ST., MT.
  Co-Dean : Sukanta, ST., MT.
  Head of Dept Industrial Eng S1 : Winarno, ST., MT.
  Head of Dept Mechanical Eng S1 : Marno, ST,. MT.
  Head of Dept Mechanical Eng D3 : Aripin, ST
  D3 Midwifery    
  Head of Department : Sri Rahayu, S.S.iT., M.Kes
  Secretary of Department : H. Yusuf Rosidin, Drs.,M.Kes.
  Faculty of Computer Science    
  Dean Dr. Dedi Mulyadi, SE., MM.
  Co-Dean : Oman Komarudin, S.Si, M.Kom
  Head of Information Engineering : Ade Andri Hendriadi, S.Si, M.Kom
  Faculty of Social Science and Governance
  Dekan H. Dadang Fakhruddin, Drs., MM.
  Head of Communication Science : Eka Yusuf, S.I.Kom
  Head of Governance Science : Eka Yuliana, S.Ip., M.Si